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Atipa FM Workstation

with NVIDIA RTX 6000 Ada GPU


Built on the latest AMD Ryzen Threadipper Pro 5955WX CPU and NVIDIA RTX 6000 Ada GPU, FM-A317 workstation is suitable for quiet operation in the office environment. Pre-installed with Ubuntu, TensorFlow, PyTorch®, CUDA, and cuDNN, you’re ready to conquer your research out of the box.


7nm AMD Ryzen Threadripper Pro processors are designed for powerful professionals and creators. Together with Nvidia Ada Lovelace GPU architecture enable lightning-fast performance for demanding applications such as Ai research, deep learning, 3D rendering, video editing, and scientific computing.


CPU: AMD™ Ryzen Threadripper Pro 5955WX

Base Clock: 4.0GHz Max. Boost Clock: Up to 4.5GHz

16 CPU Cores, 32 Threads

L3 Cache: 64MB

TDP: 280W

Memory: 256GB DDR4 3200MHz ECC RDIMM

Storage: 480GB SSD For OS and 1.92TB SSD for data storage


GPU Memory: 48GB GDDR6 with error-correcting code (ECC)

Display Ports: 4x DisplayPort 1.4

Power Consumption: 300W

Graphic Bus: PCIe Gen 4 x16

Networking: Dual Intel® 10GbE and 1GbE LAN Ports

Features: Support TPM module, dedicated management port, 7x PCIe 4.0 slots for multi-GPU, 4x PCIe Gen4 or SATA SSD.

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