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Custom High Performance Computing Clusters

Fueling research and discovery with the latest generation of turn-key Atipa Polaris HPC clusters

Key Technologies

High Performance Computing (HPC) has become an integral part of scientific discovery and engineering. Simulation and modeling applications such as computer-aided engineering, computational fluid dynamics, general relativity, quantum chemistry, molecular dynamics, bioinformatics, weather forecasting, and many more, are the driving forces behind understanding our complex environment, curing diseases and marveling engineering feats. Atipa Polaris HPC clusters deliver the capability to carry out research using the latest technologies, seamlessly integrated by Atipa Technologies, at the most affordable cost.

Key Features


Atipa Polaris HPC clusters are customized to fit your needs and budget. Our high-performance architectures include flexible choices in processors, memory configurations, local and shared storage, GPU accelerators, networks and fabrics.


Our in-house developed Phoenix cluster management suite provides easy day-to-day management and monitoring of our clusters. Phoenix integrates our homegrown management utilities with open source

tools to provide a full

clustering experience. 

Future Proof

Adopting the latest high-performance computing technologies will assure you get out of the gate with the most up-to-date HPC system available. Our scalable hardware and software architectures

enables future growth of

computational power and

interconnecting fabrics. 


Atipa Polaris HPC clusters are completely assembled, burned-in and configured with the customer specified software stack before delivery. This assures that when you receive the cluster, there will be

minimal effort rolling the

system into production.

Optimized for Performance

Atipa engineers have extensive experience in benchmarking and tuning HPC clusters for the best possible performance. Our track record includes more than 50 awards on the Top 500 list of the fastest supercomputers

in the world.


Atipa Polaris HPC clusters are subjected to a harsh multi-stage burn-in program survived by top quality parts.  This keeps our clusters operating at full capacity well beyond typical 5-year

refresh cycles.

Featured Building Blocks

Altezza QX228-64

High-Density Intel® Xeon® Compute Module

Procyon SE229-24G8

GPU Accelerated Compute Module

Procyon QE229-96

High-Density AMD EPYC™

Compute Module

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