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Atipa Capella Storage
Solutions with Lustre

Scalable, Affordable, Reliable & High Performance

Lustre Parallel File System

Data-intensive high-performance computing applications pose strong demands on storage systems to feed vast volumes of data into large-scale simulations and computational data analyses. Legacy file systems used to share data across a network, such as the Network File System (NFS), were not designed with large numbers of clients running I/O-intensive applications in mind. In today's HPC environments, NFS servers quickly become a bottleneck that can grind an optimally functioning cluster to a halt. High-performance, distributed file systems such as Lustre spread the I/O workload over many servers, eliminating single-server bottlenecks, and scaling performance with increasing number of storage servers.

Lustre Storage

Atipa Capella with Lustre

Atipa offers entry-level and enterprise-level Lustre solutions at affordable prices for use in Academia, Government and Industry.  Our Capella LZ and Capella LZE storage series provide easily expandable, scalable storage designed from the ground up to combine the power and parallelism of Lustre with the resiliency and data integrity of OpenZFS. The Capella LZ series is our entry-level Lustre solution targeted towards users who need a fast, affordable storage solution without all the bells and whistles of an enterprise appliance. The Capella LZE is our leading enterprise appliance equipped with high-availability features and 24/7 support in partnership with the Intel® High Performance Data Division. In addition to our reference architectures, we also offer flexible custom storage solutions designed to fit your needs.

Lustre Specs

Real-Time Monitoring

All Capella Lustre solutions optionally include the Intel® Manager for Lustre (IML) management solution purpose-built by the Lustre experts at Intel® for the Lustre file system. Intel® Manager for Lustre* software reduces management complexity and costs, with an easy-to-use browser-accessible graphical user interface (GUI). The GUI dashboard allows you to monitor one or more distributed Lustre file systems. Real-time storage-monitoring lets you track Lustre file system usage, performance metrics, events and errors at the Lustre level.

Fully-configurable color charts display a variety of real-time performance metrics for single or multiple file systems, down to individual servers and targets, and reveals metrics such as read/write heat maps, OST balance, file system capacity, metadata operations, read/write operations, job statistics, and various resource usage parameters, among others.

Service and Support

Atipa partners with Intel®, the largest contributor to Lustre software releases, to offer expert support for all Capella Lustre solutions. Atipa engineers are the central point of contact for all support tickets and take the lead in Level 0, Level 1, and Level 2 support issues. This includes, but is not limited to, assisting in collecting diagnostic information, reproducing the problem and eliminating hardware faults. If needed, support tickets are escalated to Intel® for Level 3 support (code fixes) with a severity representing the operational impact of the reported issue. Severity 1 issues (file system is down) trigger a broadcast to the entire Intel®  High Performance Data Division (HPDD) team and have a response time of less than 4 hours.

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