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Accelerate Your Imagination With NVIDIA H100 GPUs in Altezza G-Series Servers

Accelerate HPC, AI, and data science with Atipa’s next-generation Procyon and Altezza G-Series servers with NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs. Delivering an unparalleled compute power that is able to analyze massive datasets with high performance. NVIDIA-Certified Procyon and Altezza G-Series servers with NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core PCIe GPUs include a five-year subscription to NVIDIA AI Enterprise.

Click here to read more about NVIDIA H100 GPUs. 


Cutting edge servers to suit your needs

Altezza Servers - Intel® Xeon®

Flexible systems to fit all applications

Procyon Servers -AMD EPYC™

Affordable & energy efficient systems

GPU Accelerated Servers

Deep learning and high performance computing

Capella Storage Servers

Optimized systems for small & large scale storage

Visione Workstations

Powerful, versatile & whisper-quiet desktop systems


Who We Are

Atipa Technologies is a U.S.-based high-performance Computing and Storage Solution provider with over 21 years of experience in EDU and DOE sectors. Atipa collaborates closely with leading manufacturers to deliver state-of-the-art HPC systems by adopting industry-leading technologies & utilizing thorough burn-in procedures. Atipa is an Intel Platinum HPC Data Center Specialist, Intel Select Solutions Provider, AMD Elite Solution Provider, NVIDIA Preferred Partner, BeeGFS Gold Partner, and Bright Computing Premier Partner. Atipa’s commitment to quality and performance has been recognized by the Top500 list of the fastest supercomputers in the world with over 60 awards, including the 13th ranking in November 2013 with a Linpack Rmax performance of 2.5 PetaFLOPs.

What We Do

We offer unique workstations, servers and clusters that are fully customized to fit our customers' needs. Our storage products cover traditional RAID solutions as well as software based parallel storage. Given today's rapid pace of hardware platform  developments & updates, Atipa Engineers put in extra effort to validate the stability & compatibility of each Atipa cluster build.​

This has earned Atipa numerous certifications & awards over the years. Atipa's success is built upon that of its customers, which gives us a definitive interest in finding the right solutions to challenges you may face as you utilize your new equipment. You can trust that we want your equipment to work flawlessly as much as you do!

Our Partners

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