Altezza Mini-Blade Servers are high-density servers packing four independent nodes in one 2U chassis. Shared power supplies, cooling fans, and fully hot-swappable components reduce power consumption and maintenance costs.



Aggregating the computational power of multiple servers, our cluster offerings provide energy-efficient and cost-saving solutions for problems too large to solve for single servers and workstations.



Large-scale computing poses severe scalability challenges for traditional storage platforms such as NFS based NAS servers. Parallel file systems provide the scalability required to circumvent I/O bottlenecks by distributing data over multiple storage servers, while still presenting data stores to end-users under a single namespace.


Our commitment to advancing  technologies, services and turnkey solutions is backed by our proven track record. Our engineers strive to develop not only the fastest, most stable, and energy efficient computing and storage solutions, but also the support efficient service  for all customers, large and small.


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