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StrongLink Continued 

Virtualized Global Namespace Across Heterogeneous Silos 

Atipa StrongLink Data Management Solution virtualizes multiple storage platforms and file systems into a single Global Namespace accessible via standard network protocols such as CIFS, NFS, sFTP, Amazon S3, and Lustre. A Global Namespace has the unique ability to aggregate disparate and remote network-based file systems, providing a consolidated view that can greatly reduce complexities of localized file management and administration. Users see a persistent view of their folders and files regardless of where the files physically reside.

StrongLink makes no proprietary changes to data. Data managed by StrongLink can still be accessed directly from the storage silos. Consolidating storage drastically simplifies management, enables vendor-neutral elasticity, and evolves enterprise IT from storage-centric to data-centric. With advanced metadata-driven policy Engines, organizations gain global visibility, search, and control of their files across all storage resources. StrongLink Data Insights also deliver real-time analytics and reporting.

Zero-Downtime Automated Data Migration


Few IT teams look forward to migrations, as they are time consuming, error-prone, labor-intensive, and disruptive. Atipa StrongLink Data Management Solution automates data migration between any storage system without disrupting applications or user workflows. Users keep the original file name and path before and after migration. StrongLink metadata-driven data insights further deliver powerful, actionable intelligence for optimizing and scheduling data migrations.

Non-Disruptive Technology Refresh

Conventional technology refreshes require extensive planning to minimize disruption and can take weeks or months to perform. Atipa StrongLink Data Management Solution’s zero-downtime data migration policies transform tech refreshes into autonomous, continuous, and nondisruptive optimization activities, making evergreen data storage a reality. StrongLink’s elastic scalability delivers flexibility and immediate ROI, and IT will no longer have to excessively overprovision storage.


Business Continuity

When a storage array goes down, or a required file is unavailable, your research or business cannot take a vacation. Users must have access to a secondary copy of that file to ensure the research or business keeps running. However, without workflows that kick in automatically, the only way to make this happen is through manual intervention, which is time consuming, costly, and disruptive.

Atipa StrongLink Data Management Solution allows users to establish disaster recovery workflows, and to automatically access secondary copies on another array, or in the cloud, or to pull from a file archived on tape. StrongLink enables users to define their specific level of data protection based on the files themselves, this is called data-centric policy management. StrongLink automatically manages, monitors and replicates data by policy, ensuring the right number of copies are maintained across the correct storage locations (file and object stores, cloud or archive).

HPC and Research Data Management

Today’s research and high-performance computing (HPC) environments are faced with unique problems: massive data sets generated by large-scale simulations, lack of data classification, and the complexity of managing research data across diverse storage environments (parallel, network, file, object, and cloud storage). Data on parallel file systems is burdensome to access outside HPC cluster environments and difficult to share in multidisciplinary and inter-university collaborations.

Atipa StrongLink Data Management Solution transparently migrates data from expensive parallel storage to more accessible and lower-cost network or cloud storage. Stronglink further promotes easy collaboration and data sharing by virtualizing multiple file and storage systems under a single Global Namespace accessible via standard network protocols such as CIFS, NFS, sFTP, Amazon S3, and Lustre. Metadata is harvested and analyzed in real-time to facilitate workflows and data classification. Data insights are derived from metadata to drive dynamic data movement across all storage tiers. Audit trails and version history provide data provenance to document the path from source to results.