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Atipa StrongLink Data Management Solution

A single solution to solve:

Multi-Vendor Storage Optimization

Automated Data Migration

Non-Disruptive Tech Refresh

Business Continuity 

HPC/Research Data Management

Supercharge Heterogeneous Storage Environments


Most enterprises suffer from data being stuck in “silos” distributed across different storage platforms, vendors, and locations, making it difficult to manage and access, diminishing its value to the business. This also increases storage costs due to increased complexity and decreased storage utilization. The traditional approach to this problem has been very manual: tier data between storage types based on performance and cost. However, it’s difficult for IT to see and predict which data is relevant or “hot” and which isn’t, and manual migrations are error prone and can disrupt business.

The extreme growth of fixed-content data which does not change after it is initially created has further created a burgeoning set of new problems for IT organizations, particularly when expensive primary storage platforms end up housing a high percentage of inactive data. Storage vendors offer storage-centric solutions to this, but those often involve the vendor’s proprietary file system and hardware. These solutions usually lock customers into a limited way of doing things.

The Atipa StrongLink Data Management Solution was built to provide a data-centric approach that would work across any storage type. By leveraging the power of metadata in a vendor-neutral platform, StrongLink can automate, and thus dramatically simplify cross-platform data management, intelligent data migration, and end-to-end data protection. Customers who have greater than 300-500TB, or who are on the path to get there will see improved ROI on their existing storage resources, a reduced load on IT staff, and simplified access to users as they move forward.

Today data is managed by the storage silo in which data is trapped, resulting in

  • Complexity

  • Increased IT workload

  • Lack of Data Insight

  • Reduced Productivity

  • Expensive Operational Costs


Virtualized Global Namespace Across Heterogeneous Silos

Zero-Downtime Automated Data Migration

Non-Disruptive Technology Refresh

Business Continuity

HPC and Research Data Management

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5-Point Stance

Consolidate storage silos StrongLink global namespace provides simultaneous connections to all storage regardless of vendor, platform, or protocol. Files can seamlessly migrate across all storage with no disruption to users.

Rolling technology refresh – Add, remove, or replace any storage at any time. StrongLink moves data without impacting applications and user workflows. Users won’t have to change mount points after a migration, apps won’t have to be modified for the cloud, and archived data won’t have to be copied back to primary storage.

Ensure end-to-end data protection – StrongLink provides continuous oversight with comprehensive data integrity checks. It enforces protection policies with immutable audit trails, file versioning, file verification, multi-copy writes, encryption, and user access controls. Easily restore any file with a click.

Optimize small file migration – StrongLink Containers make it simple to manage and migrate small files, improve network performance, and optimize storage on tape and object stores. To users, the files appear as they normally do without containers; each file may be read without unpacking and recalling the entire container.

Cut operational expenses by 50% – StrongLink’s intelligent, non-disruptive migration policies reduces IT workload. Scale on-demand capabilities eliminate the need for excessive overprovisioning.

StrongLink Autonomous Engines

Query engine

Global queries across all storage

Metadata engine

Extract, auto-classify, tag, organize, manage

Visualization engine

Data insights and reporting

Analytics engine

Life-cycle management, QoS, and capacity


Dynamic data mover

Migration, I/O balancing, tiering

Workflow engine

Automated policies based on schedules and triggers