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Maintain & manage efficiently

Atipa products come with the software necessary to maintain and manage your servers effectively and efficiently. Any software you select for your HPC cluster, rest-assured your Atipa machine will arrive fully-equipped with tools for the best cluster management.

Designed by Atipa, Phoenix is a software stack of cluster management tools, essential command line utilities, and system monitoring applications. Installed on the head node and exclusively configured for each individual cluster, Phoenix brings together the best cluster management applications and a full suite of command line utilities to deliver a fully-functional clustering environment.

oneAPI is a cross-industry, open, standards-based unified programming model which delivers a common developer experience  for faster application performance, more productivity, and greater innovation. The oneAPI industry initiative encourages collaboration on the oneAPI specification and compatible oneAPI implementations across the ecosystem.

Bright Cluster Manager offers fast deployment and end-to-end management for diverse high-performance computing (HPC) and AI server clusters at the edge, in the data center, and in multi/hybrid-cloud environments.

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