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Seagate® Exos® E 5U84

Seagate® Exos™ E 5U84 is the datasphere’s high-capacity, high performance platform that can handle extreme data growth. Build exabyte-scale data centers with this 5U, high density rackmount enclosure and easily manage in the field with features such as the unique drawer design allowing easy access to drives. See the specifications here.

Seagate® Exos® E 4U106

Seagate® Exos™ E 4U106 is the datasphere’s largest building block delivering industry-first capacity and density without sacrificing data access speed. Increase the amount of data that fits in a 4U rack by leveraging up to 106 of our high-capacity hard drives in a single enclosure. The density advantage and compact unit, saving rack space, is a long run TCO benefit to customers.

See the specifications here.

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Transfer Data Fast With a 12Gb/s SAS Interface

Get data to applications when and where it’s needed with up to 12Gb/s speed, unprecedented capacity, and effective maximum throughput of 14.4GB/s in a single I/O module or 28.8GB/s in a dual controller configuration.

Deliver a Versatile Architecture Built to Grow

Minimize your TCO and store up to 1.3 (5U84) or 1.7 (4U106) PB of data with an enclosure that leads the industry in both density and cost-for-performance. These flexible enclosures include support and capabilities to manage cables, universal ports, self-configuration controls, and standardized zoning while helping you accelerate market introduction of new technologies and significantly simplify development and testing of storage implementations.

Easy to Set Up, Maintain, and Expand

These systems' user-focused designs reduce support calls and minimizes system downtime. Their modularity make them first-in-class for reliability, easy setup, maintenance, and expansion via hot-swappable expanders and dual data paths, as well as redundant I/O modules, fans, and power supplies.

Reduce Cost and Resources With Energy-Efficient Features

These enclosures are suited for high data retention requirements that are expected to grow. Innovative drive placement maximizes airflow and minimizes power consumption, and unique performance, efficiency, and scalability features provide an unprecedented low TCO.