Seagate® Storage Solutions

Efficient control in both high-performance and high-capacity environments

Seagate® Exos® E 4U106

Efficient. Agile. Scalable.

Datasphere’s largest building block

Exos E 4U106 offers industry-first capacity and density without sacrificing data access speed. This very high density platform allows you to: effortlessly scale your data center; increase the amount of data that fits in a 4U rack by leveraging up to 106 of our high-capacity hard drives in a single enclosure that holds up to 1.7PB of business intelligence; eliminate efficiency-draining acoustic interference with the proprietary noise attenuator; and minimize footprint and power consumption while maximizing storage space.


Data Protection Scales to Any Density

Seagate®'s patented ADAPT data protection boasts 95% faster rebuild times than traditional RAID solutions. Dispersed implementation distributes data across every drive in the pool, not just a subset, to create a self-healing storage solution that makes time to fault tolerance measured in minutes, not days. Use in HDD, SSD, or hybrid configurations.

Real-Time Tiering for Distributing Data

Seagate® firmware leads the industry in tiering data, so that high-performance SSDs are used only for the most critical, or hot data. This unique feature automatically tiers between SSDs and hard drives—as opposed to a batch-migration process. Seagate’s tiering software recognizes incoming data patterns and distributes data on the most appropriate tier to provide optimal performance

Muticore Capabilities for Processing Efficiency

Available across Seagate®'s  entire systems line, not just standard-density solutions, this feature allows multiple cores to do the heavy lifting on processing. This efficient paradigm enables lightning-fast 600K IOPS that is tested across our product line.

Security Features to Meet Growing Cybersecurity Concerns

Seagate builds security into the foundation of our storage systems as an extra layer of protection against growing cyber security threats. Our firmware includes both STFP and advanced administrator access controls, while our self-encrypting drives provide an extra measure of security.

Facing Streaming Challenges Head-On

Seagate®'s firmware’s streaming features allow end users to access the data they need, when they need it, especially in high-throughput media environments. An advanced quick lock system, intelligent stream recycling, cache watermark, and a dynamic read-ahead governor all make streaming data through our systems efficient, fast, and reliable.

Seagate ADAPT Technology

Traditional RAID technology works by transferring data to spare drives when a drive is in trouble. However, the potential for rebuild time grows exponentially as RAID systems cope with ever-increasing capacity. Minimizing the rebuild process is important to ensure that all drives in the RAID array maintain high performance.

Seagate Advanced Distributed Autonomic Protection Technology (ADAPT) is based on intelligent parallel architecture that employs smart learning to respond to potential or active failures. Seagate ADAPT allows for flexibility of physical storage by using the space on each drive and not just the minimum space across the drive group, as expected in a traditional RAID setup. In short, this flexibility allows for fast rebuild times and simplified expansion.

Measuring failures in minutes, and not days, is achieved by using Seagate ADAPT technology, which virtually eliminates impacts to performance, making Seagate systems truly self-healing. Providing uninterrupted access to data while drastically reducing administration and management time, Seagate ADAPT technology creates an unprecedented layer of data protection and peace of mind.