Phoenix Clustering Management Suite

Effortless Cluster Administration

Phoenix is a complete cluster management suite developed by Atipa to provide easy day-to-day management and operations of our clusters

Phoenix is complimentary with 3-years of standard support for all new cluster purchases

  • Fully compatible with Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS, and Scientific Linux.
    Up-to-date and installed with the latest patches.


  • Single, central point of management.
    All configuration, user accounts, and health monitoring are performed from the head node.


  • Quick, intuitive node provisioning.
    100% menu-driven installation process facilitates easy deployment of new nodes.


  • Support for multiple node types.
    Pre-defined node types include standard compute nodes, large memory nodes, accelerator nodes, storage nodes, and Lustre* server nodes.
    Additional custom node types can be added if needed.


  • Easily modified node software stack.
    Each node type has its own configuration files and installation scripts to allow fine-grained customization of the software stack for different node types.


  • User account management.
    A single command creates new user accounts and access to all cluster nodes.


  • Parallel command execution.
    Simultaneously copy files to or execute commands on all nodes or subgroups of nodes in the cluster.


  • Out-of-band system management.
    Remote power on/off and KVM-over-LAN via dedicated IPMI 2.0 network.


  • Web and command-line based health monitoring. Web-based monitoring is available via ganglia, including custom plug-ins for CPU temperature and fan speed monitoring.Command-line checks are available via a single clusterQC command, customized for each cluster and node type to check hardware and software conformity.

  • Customized to each system for optimal user experience.
    Custom clusters need custom software.
    Modifications or additions needed for specialty items will be included into a site-specific Phoenix stack as needed.


  • Pre-bundled job scheduler, parallel libraries, and performance libraries.
    Open source job scheduler (torque/maui or Slurm), parallel libraries (Open MPI), Intel® Math Kernel Library (MKL) included.
    Others available on request.


  • Pre-configured environment modules.
    Easily manage different versions of applications and libraries without conflicts.
    End-users can dynamically modify their environment with simple “module load” and “module unload” commands.


  • Optional commercial schedulers, compilers and 3rd-party software.
    Advanced scheduling with Moab HPC Suite, transparent code optimization with Intel® or PGI® compilers, improved software development with 3rd-party development tools.


  • Performance tuning.
    All clusters are tuned for top performance for a wide range of applications.


  • Certified Intel® Cluster Ready.
    Conforms with Intel®’s Scalable System Framework cluster architecture.