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NVIDIA Bright Cluster Management

Cluster Management Software for Industrial HPC

NVIDIA Bright Cluster Manager offers fast deployment and end-to-end management for heterogeneous high-performance computing (HPC) and AI server clusters at the edge, in the data center, and in multi/hybrid-cloud environments. It automates provisioning and administration for clusters ranging in size from a couple of nodes to hundreds of thousands, supports CPU-based and NVIDIA GPU-accelerated systems, and enables orchestration

with Kubernetes.

Easily Build and Manage Clusters from Edge to Core to Cloud Linux clusters are driving a new generation of business innovation. Powerful new hardware, applications, and software have system administrators struggling with complexity while striving to provide a system that’s both flexible and reliable for end users. NVIDIA Bright Cluster Manager allows you to deploy complete Linux clusters over bare metal and manage them reliably from edge to core to cloud. Providing cluster management solutions for the new era of high-performance computing (HPC), NVIDIA Bright Cluster Manager combines provisioning, monitoring, and management capabilities in a single tool that spans the entire lifecycle of your Linux cluster. With NVIDIA Bright Cluster Manager, you can manage your entire cluster, from traditional HPC to machine learning and analytics applications, from bare metal to virtual machines (VMs) and containers, from the edge to on premises to the public cloud and even hybrid cloud


Management Software that is Proven and Supported

With thousands of deployments and enterprise support, NVIDIA Bright Cluster Manager is an ideal choice for deploying and managing HPC and AI clusters in
production environments.


Automates the Building and Management of Clusters

Heterogeneous high-performance Linux clusters can be quickly built and managed with NVIDIA Bright Cluster Manager, supporting HPC, machine learning, and analytics applications that span from core to edge to cloud.


Cross-Platform and Optimized for Accelerated Computing

NVIDIA Bright Cluster Manager is ideal for heterogeneous environments, supporting Arm® and x86-based CPU nodes, and is fully optimized for accelerated computing with NVIDIA GPUs and NVIDIA DGX™ systems.

NVIDIA Bright Cluster Manager Solutions

Clusters for HPC This is an integrated solution for building and managing HPC clusters that reduces complexity, accelerates time to value, and provides enormous flexibility.

Clusters for Machine Learning With a pretested catalog of popular machine learning frameworks and libraries, as well as integration with Jupyter Notebooks, end users can be as productive as possible, wasting no time managing their work environment.

Clusters for Edge Computing Organizations can deploy and centrally manage distributed computing resources as a single clustered infrastructure from a single interface.

Clusters as a Service Organizations can quickly and efficiently spin up high-performance clusters on demand using resources in VMware vSphere or public clouds.

Clusters for Hybrid Cloud This solution automates the process of building and managing a Linux cluster, as well as the process of extending an on-premises cluster to the public cloud. 

What’s New in NVIDIA Bright Cluster Manager 9.2

NVIDIA Bright Cluster Manager 9.2 delivers more cluster management capabilities from edge to core to cloud and includes built-in expertise, integrated cluster build, management, and monitoring capabilities, and platform independence. Release 9.2 takes simplified cluster management to a whole new level. Get Ready to Automate Cluster Management Find out how NVIDIA Bright Cluster Manager can enable your organization to deploy complete Linux clusters over bare metal and manage them reliably from edge to core to cloud from a single administrative console. 

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