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Bright Cluster Manager

Quickly Build & Manage HPC Clusters
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Automate Building & Managing Linux Clusters

Linux clusters are powering a whole new generation of business innovation. Powerful new hardware, applications and software have system administrators struggling with complexity, while providing a system that is both flexible and reliable for end-users. Bright Cluster Manager eliminates complexity and enables flexibility by allowing users to deploy complete clusters over bare metal and manage them reliably from edge to core to cloud.

Why Bright Computing?

Built-In Expertise

Task automation based on more than a decade of real-world use.


Thousands of successful, growing installations

Integrated Build, Management & Monitoring

Everything in one package with one interface

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Future Proof

A continuous stream of new functionality ensures that our software is always one step ahead of where you're going.

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Platform Independent

Mix and match virtually any vendor hardware. Host HPC, machine learning, and analytics apps on the same cluster

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Commercial Support

We've earned a reputation for providing world class support, just ask our clients.

Interactive Demo

Hands-on experience is so much more valuable than reading product descriptions and looking at screenshots. This online demo simulates the experience of managing a cluster using Bright View without having to rack and stack servers first. Try it out and let us know what you think at!

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Easy8: Free Bright Cluster Manager for up to 8 nodes

Bright Computing’s market-leading, commercially-developed software is free with clusters up to 8 nodes, allowing organizations to reap the benefits of a mature commercial cluster management system at no charge. 

Easy8 is ideal for small clusters. If you wish to evaluate Bright Cluster Manager for a larger project, evaluation licenses are available that include proof of concept and full customer support. If you would like to receive Easy8 licenses or an evaluation license, please contact

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