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AMD EPYC 7000 Series Processors

A new era in the data center

AMD is ushering in a new era for high-performance server processors and the datacenter with EPYC™. Offering high core count, superior memory bandwidth, and unparalleled support for high-speed input/output channels in a single chip, EPYC™ aims to revolutionize the dual-socket server market while simultaneously reshaping expectations for single-socket servers. This new family of high-performance products for cloud-based and traditional on-premise datacenters deliver the highly successful “Zen” x86 processing engine scaling up to 32 physical cores.

Many IT organizations purchase 2-socket servers and only populate 1-socket. Others purchase 2-socket servers, not because they need the compute capability, but because they need more I/O and/or memory capacity than what is available on current single-socket servers. AMD EPYC enables no-compromise 1-socket servers with up to 32 cores, 8 memory channels and 128 PCIe 3.0 lanes enabling capabilities and performance previously available only in 2-socket architectures.

Right-Size your server
EPYC High Performance Computing

EPYC™ strikes the perfect balance of cores/threads, memory, I/O bandwidth and security to deliver excellent performance for many High Performance Computing (HPC) workloads. AMD’s state-of-the-art GPUs combined with EPYC™ provide excellent solutions for your most demanding HPC applications.

EPYC Virtualization and Cloud

With its industry-leading core count, EPYC™ can enable more VMs and more robustly configured VMs per server than previously possible. Whether you are deploying a single server, implementing a private cloud or enabling a hybrid cloud, EPYC™ provides the perfect balance of compute, memory, I/O and security for your virtualized environment.

EPYC Storage

EPYC™ natively supports up to 32 NVMe or SATA devices in both 1 socket and 2 socket designs, enabling streamlined Software Defined and Direct Attached Storage solutions.

EPYC Data Management and Analytics

Today’s businesses rely on data generated from financial transactions, customer interactions and Internet-of-Things devices to help provide insights critical to decision making. EPYC™ can help accelerate leading Big Data and In-Memory Database applications, that require large memory sizes, high memory bandwidth and high-bandwidth I/O, to manage and analyze massive amounts of unstructured data.

EPYC Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is bringing an even richer user experience to a mobile and distributed workforce. VDI enhances centralized control and protection over business-critical data while supporting collaboration. A better user experience is tied directly to server capability. Industry-leading core count coupled with the highest memory capacity and bandwidth enables optimal virtual desktop density and performance. Additionally AMD graphic processors support SR-IOV for superior performance.

Industry's First Embedded x86 Silicon-Level Data Security

An EPYC™ leap forward in security

A dedicated security processor in the EPYC™ SoC minimizes potential attack surfaces and protects your software and data as it is booted, as it runs, and as it moves from server to server.*

  • AMD Secure Root-of-Trust Technology: executes only the software you intend to run

  • AMD Secure Run Technology: encrypts data in main memory and provides cryptographic isolation from other virtual machines, tenants, and even the hypervisor itself

  • AMD Secure Move Technology: allows you to securely migrate VM’s

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