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Industry leading cluster management applications brought together

Our team of software engineers are hard at work developing the best HPC software solutions on the market. There's only one catch though: if you want these services, you have to buy your cluster from us! All software services are free of charge when you purchase an HPC cluster from Atipa.


Effortless Cluster Administration


Phoenix is a software stack of cluster management tools, essential command line utilities, and system monitoring applications. Installed on the head node and exclusively configured for each individual cluster, Phoenix brings together all the best cluster management applications and a full suite of command line utilities to deliver a fully-functional clustering environment. With Phoenix, the complex inner workings of a compute cluster are abstracted into a convenient and straightforward interface, making cluster administration virtually effortless!

Essential Command Line Tools. Quickly check cluster health, copy files to  multiple nodes, manage cluster-wide user accounts, and more.


Parallel Command Execution. Simultaneously execute any bash command over the entire cluster.


Quality Check Scripts. Easily check the health of the entire cluster. Remotely ensure every node is running at optimal performance.


Ganglia Integration. Phoenix includes a customer installation of Gangila, a monitoring system for HPC clusters.


Advanced IPMI Controls. Integration with Supermicro IPMIView allows for remote power cycling, KVM-over-LAN, sensor readings, and more.


Atipa Autoinstaller. Automatically kick start any node to effortlessly re-install the operating system and all software packages.


Fully Automated Node Deployment. 100% menu-driven network boot system allows for new nodes to be added without dynamically.

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