Custom High Performance Computing (HPC) Clusters

The complex modeling of computation has led to an overwhelming demand for "adding more processing power in the near future" among scientists and researchers. Specifically the large scale predictive scientific simulation has been adopted as a critical component of scientific endeavor, i.e. parameter studies, convergence studies and small to medium scale parallelism. One aspect is certain: the solution will be contingent on "the more processing-power there is, the faster it is to obtain results." The Atipa cluster is built on this concept.


The continued success of deploying an Atipa cluster requires both scalability and capacity. Atipa has achieved both with the release of the Phoenix Cluster Management Suite. System management tool such as add new nodes to the cluster by simply plugging them into the network, turn it on, and the head node will automatically configure the new node and add it in the resource pool.


In a balanced computational environment, hardware and software improvements

have contributed equally to the increase in application performance. What matters

most is the shortest time to a solution. The Atipa cluster is designed to provide a

comprehensive and comparative way of achieving cluster performance. Atipa

engineers use recognized benchmarking programs to ensure the performance of

the cluster. These analytical tools measure differences due to hardware or

software changes on the same cluster. We have discovered that successfully

running all the tests provides assurance that the cluster is configured properly. LINPACK benchmark and other known software suites are used to validate

cluster performance.

When you purchase an HPC cluster from Atipa, you will receive a superior system made from the high-quality components and cutting-edge technologies, configured and tested with the latest stable software, then delivered to your data center completely ready to begin running your applications.



  • Fully customizable to your exact needs, including the installation of complex libraries and their prerequisites
  • Configuration, tuning, and optimization of the operating environment - identical on all nodes
  • System administration and management suite included,  Atipa's Phoenix cluster management suite
  • Ganglia integration for dead-simple cluster monitoring
  • Full IPMI support for easy, powerful system health administration
  • Consulting, knowledge transfer, and technical support throughout the life cycle of the cluster

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